Little things like this give me hope

May 20, 2007 at 10:24 pm Leave a comment

The incidents of May 12 have left many of us extremely depressed. Just when we were beginning to feel that our city was beginning to find its place, infrastructure was becoming better, people were more confident about moving around the city at all hours, we saw the kind of violence that this city hasn’t seen in a long while. It left most of us traumatised and shaken. However, after the first couple of days, when we were “allowed out” on the streets again, I looked around and marvelled at how resilient Karachi and its people are. People going about their business, kids back in school, everything on track as if nothing untoward had happened – apart from politicians trying to score points off each other on television channels and in newspapers. Have you noticed how none of them has a solution to offer? They are all the same.

But the point of this post was to share something that I saw last night as I drove home from a seminar i was attending at the Marriott. I was driving along, music on in the car – traffic was not so bad so I was quite relaxed. A few minutes from home I suddenly heard a loud crash and huge pieces of metal seemed to fall out of the sky and drop a few feet ahead of me. I looked to my right and found that a suzuki pickup from the other side of the road had skidded and wrapped itself around a tree – the pickup breaking into several pieces, with one person trapped in the car and another thrown out a few feet away. Several people stopped their cars, jumped out and went to help the injured. I guess it was nothing unusual but looking at this scene i thought – these are the kind of people that live in this city – instinctively helpful and caring. Somehow that gave me hope.

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