Tell us what you would consider the ideal productivity solution for your profession

July 13, 2007 at 11:29 am Leave a comment

Osama Hashmi says:


Pretty much whenever we talk about organization, maintaining context of work and productivity the standard answer gravitates back to a combination of Basecamp, GoPlan, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Smartphones, Outlook, Email Management systems, IMs, post-its and whiteboards.

First, the solution here in itself is a problem because of so many mediums to juggle over. But the real problem is that that isn’t a productivity solution.

A productivity solution should be something that knows me, understands my profession, and the things that make or break the work that I do. A productivity solution can put me ahead of all my competition just in terms of the speed and volumes of the work that I can produce, in my particular profession; typical day; lifestyle.

What’s more, the solution should know all of the different roles that I play in today’s world. I could be a business manager, author, consultant, speaker, musician, and more simultaneously. The solution should thus be ideal for me, in my life, for my happiness.

So that’s why I’ve tagged people with about as diverse a set of professions and work-lives as can be.

Here are the questions I’d like everyone to answer:

  • If you could change everything about software – from windows and apps to internet solutions — how would you create your ideal productivity solution?
  • How would you define productivty for YOU — your particular worklife?
  • What parts of your daily workflow or your team or the specific dynamics that exist in your team would the software just have to know about for the whole team to become more productive together?
  • Tell us a little about your work — what is the single biggest bottleneck, hurdle or annoyance you still feel daily despite all the softwares in the world that exist to help you. Again, describe this in your specific context — e.g. maybe you’re a graphic designer who make sketch art — thats a specific context.
  • What about all the people in your profession? What’s the one thing all graphic designers could benefit from? Is it better management of wireframes?

SO, tagged bloggers, please do the following:

1- Answer the questions above, either in the comments or your own blogs
2- Ask the same question on your own blogs for your readers. Spread the brainstorm virally.

Let’s see if we can try to get the biggest collection of varying professions to give their unique perspectives.


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