A simple idea can work wonders

July 14, 2007 at 1:25 pm Leave a comment

Adding a bit of pizzaz to customer service or tech support can do wonders for a business. How about a monthly prize for the toughest question, the worst problem or best solution? It is the kind of idea that doesn’t really cost much but can be implemented almost right away.

This is something Seth Godin’s suggests in Rochambeau the front line  — Freakonomics points to a D.C.-area taco chain California Tortilla who offered a promotional discount of US$1 to any customer who beat the cashier in a game of Rock Paper Scissors (a silly game I played a lot as a child). Why not carry this idea further, suggests Seth?

“Why not do this with your accounts payable people? Or give the customer service people the ability to give a prize to the nicest person who calls in each day? What’s the worst that could happen–they might use a little judgment, might enjoy the day a bit more, might even start to care.”

Revolutionary idea you think? Why should your employees enjoy themselves? Perish the thought. They are there to work, right? But just for a moment, let us consider this – do you think if they enjoyed themselves, they might look forward to coming to work and hence become more productive? Food for thought hmmmmm?

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