Want to motivate and retain your staff?

July 20, 2007 at 10:18 am 1 comment

I have often jokingly been referred to as Jawwad Farid‘s “agent” and I guess this post will only result in propagating that myth further. Yesterday at 1 pm I received a call from Jawwad asking if I would join “them” for lunch. I thought by “them” he meant him and his lovely wife and CTO Fawzia (or maybe Mohtashim and Uzma would be with them). Not so. I got to Arizona Grill on Zamzama to find the entire Alchemy Technologies team partying. I was asked to order my “poison” but after hearing about the number of starters Jawwad had already ordered, I begged shy of placing an order for a Main Course and pigged out on the chicken wings, garlic bread, nachos, etc. None of the others made the same decision though. Boy, can that team eat!!!

But I stray from the reason for this post. Other than the lunch, I was told that the team was subsequently headed for Area 51 (a bowling alley) – just for a couple of games, said Jawwad grinning away. Hmmmm. Do they ever work, you might ask?

Well, I think the team of young people that Jawwad has managed to put together are loyal and committed (or at least they should be if they have agreed to work with a madcap like him). And they will probably make up for this midweek jaunt by working on weekends or holidays if it becomes necessary. I remember last month, or was it in May, when there were a number of strikes and protest days, these guys worked on Sundays when there was a need for them to do that.

Jawwad is from the school of thought who believes that late hours should not become a standard, that people should have a life outside the office, that work-life balance should be maintained, and that productivity is achieved only if people lead a well-rounded existence and have their share of fun. And if you meet up with the team at Alchemy, you’d see that it works. More power to you Jawwad! Keep it up my friend.

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  • 1. shehzadabbas  |  July 20, 2007 at 1:34 pm

    I heard from a friend who works there, that in Tapal they “switch off” the LAN at 6pm, anyone who wants to stay back to work has to guive a business justification etc.

    Talk abt work life balance!


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