Ratatouille – rat·a·too·ee

August 7, 2007 at 8:44 pm Leave a comment

As the early show concluded, and kids and grown-ups started to pile out of the IFC Palace Cinema House, (yes I went back to the International Finance Centre today) my heart warmed to see so many families. Fathers had actually taken time off from work to accompany their wives and kids to the 10 am show (the company tags around their necks were a dead giveaway) – something that was unthinkable in workaholic fathers in Hong Kong a few years ago.


One could hear plans being made for lunch so obviously the family time was not over. I guess fathers have begun to understand that time with their kids is important. What is the point of struggling and making money to give your families a good life if you are not part of that life? This applies equally to working moms and dads. If you can’t share in the growing up years of your children because you are busy making a living, what is that struggle for? I have seen how Jawwad Farid takes time off to baby-sit his kids or take them for football practice. That is what should happen more and more.

Anyway, back to the movie! Ratatouille proves yet again that Pixar haven’t lost their touch. They are still the best animation company on the face of this planet. The animation is superb – absolutely unbeatable. It is a pleasure watching the brilliantly rendered film.

The storyline is something one would not have thought possible. Remy the rat wanting to be a world class chef – carrying out his fantasy in a 5 star restaurant in Paris. Only the team of Disney & Pixar could make rodents look real and yet loveable and cuddly. There is a lot of detailed work in the movement and the background illustrations. The music is amazing! It is a family movie that people of all ages can watch. It’s funny, it’s light-hearted, it’s cute. It left me smiling, happy and relaxed.

Is there anything missing? Well if you want to be picky, then it is amazing that they apparently didn’t use any French voices although the entire setting is France. The main character Linguini Gusteau speaks like an American and Remy (the chef rat) speaks American too. Strange. Maybe the Pixar and Disney teams think that the French speak American :-).

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