Heaven on Earth?

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logoWhen you are shopping, you naturally need lots of engery. So I took a break and went to D’Aguilar Street in Central. That is where my office used to be. I thought I would check out the place and see what, if anything, had changed. A lot had of course. Central is the financial and business hub of Hong Kong but at night D’Aguilar Street, which is part of Lan Kwai Fong, totally transforms.

Lan Kwai Fong is THE place to be if you are on the lookout for the best restaurants, bars and parties in Asia. It has a collection of over 80 bars, restaurants, clubs and shops offering an unlimited choice to suit all tastes. Yuppies and tourists are usually drawn there in the evenings – and it is alive and buzzing with activity till the wee hours of the morning.

Anyway, getting back to the story. In the old days, and until quite recently, there used to be a Restaurant/Bar called Mad Dogs that served very good food at lunch time. This was on D’Aguilar Street. I thought I would stop for a bite there. But, lo and behold, it had been replaced by the “Heaven on Earth Restaurant & Bar”. Now how could I resist going into a place with such an intriguing name? Just had to check it out. I ordered Sze Chuan prawns and steamed rice. It wasn’t heaven on earth but the food was delicious – as was the Four Treasures Chinese tea that they served with the food. So I was happy. I am always happy when I have had a good meal 🙂

Chinese restaurants are not well known for desserts so I stepped out and guess what? Just across the street was Ben & Jerry’s. So I had an ice-cream cone. I am glad I don’t work on D’Aguilar Street anymore. What with Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs across the street from each other, I would have been twice the size if I had to pass these ice cream parlours several times a day – coz of course i wouldn’t just pass them.

After lunch I continued my shopping spree until i was bogged down with a few shopping bags. Then I walked back to the flat and left the stuff there, rested my feet for 10 minutes and was all ready to get going again when I heard that one of my father’s old Chinese friends was at my brother’s office so I trotted over to the office, which is just down the road, to say hello to him. Wonderful chap. We chatted for a while and I was on the go again.

Jumped on the ferry and went off to Ocean Centre. It was lovely on the waternight shot and the view was absolutely fabulous. I went to the Star House Computer Arcade first to see if Apple’s iLife 08 or iWork 08 were available. Sadly they were not. So I headed on to Ocean Centre to buy a couple of shoes I had seen and liked. Strolled a bit. The weather was lovely. Then jumped back on the ferry and came back to the Hong Kong side and walked home. It is quite a walk but I have been walking a lot here because I can. And at that time of night with the breeze blowing it was very pleasant. I was bushed but felt i had accomplished a lot.


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Come prepared to spend in this shoppers’ haven! Have you ever seen a city shut down in minutes?

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