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August 13, 2007 at 6:44 am Leave a comment

computer arcadeI am heading back for Karachi today so Sunday started off with a bit of packing followed by a visit to the Wanchai Computer City/Zone. There were a few things I needed to get but, as often happens when I go to any of the major computer plazas in this city, I spent far more time there than I needed to.

In the evening my brother had invited my father and me for high tea at theshangrila Kowloon Shangrila Hotel in Tsimtsatsui East. High tea included amongst other things scones with clotted cream and jam (yumm), sandwiches, fried fish, dim sum of various kinds, cakes galore, chicken wings, fried noodles, fruit, etc.

I must admit I hogged on the scones and clotted cream. Hadn’t had them for so long. Classic English high tea could never be imagined possible without the inclusion of scones & clotted cream. It is one of the things Hong Kong has adopted as a tradition even though it no longer remains a British colony.

sconesThe Kowloon Shangrila is an award winning hotel well known for its combination of luxury, warmth and unmatched service. It is always a pleasure to go to any Shangrila property in Asia but this one is a little more special than the rest.

We had taken a cab to Kowloon because we felt the walk might beabbaji on escalator too much for my father to cope with, but on the way back we decided to come back by MTR. Thank God for the common sense of the MTR officials. It is a long walk from Tsimtsatsui East station to the trains. Normally it would have been impossible for an 82 year old to muster up the energy to walk that far, but because of the walking escalators, we had a comfortable trip back.

I wish public transportation could be made this easy in Karachi.

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CSR and Art Back in Karachi!

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