Have they really been around since 1996?

August 22, 2007 at 8:54 am 1 comment

wastebustersWhy have I only just become aware of them? Yesterday as I was driving around from one meeting to the next (it was one of those days when i had back-to-back meetings), I noticed a waste collection truck with the words Wastebusters plastered all over it. Naturally it drew my curiosity and since there was a url clearly visible, I checked them out as soon as I was able to log in.

According to the information on the website, the government is only able to collect 60% of the 50,000 tons of garbage that is generated in Pakistan every day. It is therefore up to the rest of us to deal with the remaining 20,000 tons.

Waste Busters was formed in 1996 as a non profit organization in a small community in Lahore to address the issue of garbage pollution at community level.

Since then, they have apparently grown into an internationally recognized fully integrated waste management organization with operations in all major cities of Pakistan and linkages in the developing countries of South Asia such as India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Good to see such initiatives in Pakistan. Community initiatives are indeed needed to cope with a lot of the problems that are faced by this country. The government cannot do it alone – and hasn’t!

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Makro needs to think things through Just couldn’t resist sharing this!

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  • 1. Vic  |  August 22, 2007 at 1:05 pm

    Collecting the garbage is only part of the issue.

    Dumping it is another – this activity is very often ‘grabbed’ by land developers and the like, ‘reclaiming’ (what a lovely word, implying that something was lost and is being recovered) delta land etc.

    Demarcating the land used for dumping is something else entirely. It should be suitable (at some level) for future occupation, which means that the toxic heavy metal content and non-biodegradable fats and oils in the dumped garbage have to be removed before dumping (hah! fat chance!), and that provision is made for proper drainage of the dumping ground for decades to come.

    All too often, this is ‘forgotten’ conveniently, and the land quickly becomes a valuable new high-profile housing estate or colony, with golf course etc (and hypermalls).

    Just let the ‘community’ even dream of doing something about this!


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