The incompetence is amazing!

August 24, 2007 at 10:38 am Leave a comment

I live in Federal B Area and, although the rains two days ago, meant that many of us couldn’t venture out that day, yesterday the roads out of our area were totally dry. I came as far as Shahrah-e-Qaideen and apart from one patch of very shallow water just before the Allahwalla Chowk, I saw no water anywhere.

Imagine my surprise when I tried to get to Royal Rodale Club on Khayaban-e-Sahar yesterday for a seminar at 6:30 pm. All access routes to the place were flooded. It was like a swamp everywhere we turned. I felt so sorry for the people living in those areas. How are they functioning? I met a friend at the event who told me that he had moved to his in-laws during the rains a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t been able to move back.

People are always surprised when they find out that I live in F.B. Area. The assumption is that I live in DHA. Thank God I don’t. I think the CDGK has done tremendous development work in this area. Most of the roads, flyovers and underpasses now make it a trouble-free drive. There is still room for improvement in certain parts of Gulshan-e-Iqbal but we are getting there. Why can’t DHA and the Cantonment boards learn a thing or two from CDGK? Or are they just not interested?

The rains are not a new phenomena. The monsoons come every year. Is there any reason we can’t collectively be prepared for them so that life can go on as normal – just as it does in any other country during the rains?

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