It wasn’t all work!

December 4, 2007 at 8:48 am Leave a comment

some of the groupAmidst serious work, we can always find time to play! There was no way that I was going to be in Singapore and be confined to the four walls of SMU and The Stamford. So at night, once we had changed into civilian gear, we headed out for Arab Street to try some Iranian food. It started off with only Zia, Jawwad and me venturing out but soon we were joined by Adnan (of Pixsense) – actually we picked him up from his hotel on the way from Arab Street to Boat Quay , Osama (from Green&White) , Nadeem (of Infotech) & Hinnah (Nadeem’s wife), Sultan (of Maison Consulting) and Ali Sabzwari (from Si3).

At first I had grumbled about being dragged to Arab Street. I had thought we wereboat quay heading for Chinatown or some other exciting part of town. But the Iranian food turned out to be quite good and so I was silenced pretty quickly. However, I insisted that after the meal I was going to take the others to Boat Quay – one of my regular haunts when I visited Singapore in the old days. There was some resistance to this suggestion but I am not easily dissuaded so off we went.

Once we were there, everyone was quite happy that I had suggested this side trip. They loved the atmosphere, the view, the coffee and the cheese cake. We sat by the water and had our coffee and chatted and beautifuljoked until we were finally told that the coffee shop was closing for the night and we should leave. Nadeem & Hinnah decided to go back to their hotel but Sabzwari and I had heard jazz tunes emanating from the first floor. Turned out to be a Jazz Club with a live band. So naturally the rest of us moved upstairs and there we stayed for the next hour and a half. We sat right up front and were a most appreciative audience. Round about 12:30 or 12:45 pm, we decided that if we were going to make it for the morning meeting, we had better head back to our hotels. And so we bade farewell to the vocalist and the band – having exchanged cards and having promised that we would invite them for our event in Pakistan. We were high on sodas and juices and virgin pina colladas you see 🙂

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