A surprise visitor

December 16, 2007 at 7:35 pm Leave a comment

Little things can make your day sometimes. I left home just before 8 am yesterday. Drove to Business Plus studio at Do Talwaar to appear on The AM Show. It was a good interview. The host was a young lady, Mifra Jamil, who is studying at the College of Business Management (CBM) – MBA in Finance. Pretty and confident. Had been hosting the show for only a week. She seems to have a lot of potential.

The interview covered a little bit of everything – how was the Pakistan IT industry doing, why were we not as large as the Indian IT industry (if i got a dollar each time that question was posed to me, I would be wading in money), a bit of discussion surrounding the current notable startup successes, the APICTA winners, what the industry’s expectations were for the coming years, etc. I was also asked how I expected the elections to impact on business and the stock market. We also talked about women’s role in the economy and how more of them could be encouraged to be a part of it.

cat on a bonnetAs I was leaving Business Plus to head for my next meeting, I found this little visitor rolled up and fast asleep on the bonnet of my car. Being a cat lover, I gently petted the little tomcat and asked it to go find some other place to sleep. As you can see, he was not amused at being disturbed. Took his time to move away – and not until he had given me a disapproving look for having disturbed him in the first place 🙂 Nonetheless it was a confrontation that brought a quick and easy smile to my face.

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