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March 20, 2008 at 4:55 pm 6 comments

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The emerging energy crisis all over the country especially in the urban areas has adversely affected the commercial, industrial and domestic life for people of Pakistan. This has landed the country in a complete state of flux. As a result of the current political turmoil coupled with the energy crisis, no foreign investment is forthcoming. Despite these prevailing conditions of the country, there are still few committed individuals’ who belief in their capabilities and stay focused towards achieving their goals.

One most proud example is of Farrukh Abbas, 25 years old Pakistani who co-founded Mobile Weaver at the age of 22, along with his two European companions Babar Baig and Umar Akram, with a promising hope of making it big one day. These three entrepreneurs started a small venture in 2005 by the name of Mobile Weaver based in Islamabad and Copenhagen.

The motivation behind the startup was based on a simple idea that connects the mobile developer community with the mobile consumers by uniting them on one platform. They started up by picking up the best selling applications and games from the world wide developers and selling them to consumers through a content delivery platform. In this whole process the developers were provided with the major share of the earnings. Some big names for developer partners include Spb Software House, Mobifusion, Sunny Soft, Beiks, Mobisystems, Shapes Services and many others. The company’s flagship product, is an online storefront that provides users with an exclusive catalog of interesting mobile applications and games for platforms like Symbian, Windows Mobile (Smartphone and Pocket PC), Palm OS, Java as well as Blackberry. They offer latest mobile software and games for leading mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and many more.

In a very short time the company has partnered with the leading mobile distributors such as Bright Point Inc and many clients in Italy, France, United Kingdom and Norway. Mobile Weaver provides solutions to these distributors, so that they can market and sell devices along with their device specific applications and games. Mobile industry in Pakistan is dominated with few big names of mobile distributors such as United Mobile and Mobile Zone. The main challenge for mobile distributors in Pakistan is to come closer to their customers by providing them value in their services. Mobile Weaver possesses the same endeavor of providing innovative solutions to the distributors of Pakistan so that they can offer consumer an easy access to exciting world of mobile content.

Pakistan is one of the world’s fastest-growing cell-phone markets, with user numbers growing by 73% as compared to the last year. The country of 160 million currently has 67 million cellular subscribers. Consumer expectations are increasing and their loyalty to service providers is low. They want a lot more than beautiful ringtones on Valentine’s Day or greeting messages on Eid day. This growing awareness in consumers has made them sophisticated enough to know where and how to find the right deal. With the rising maturity in content market, Pakistani people want value added services such as feature rich applications that can fulfill their needs whether they are business, travel, lifestyle or entertainment.

As the market shifts from technology-based to consumer-driven, it is essential for the Pakistani mobile players such as telcos and mobile distributors to squarely match the requirements of mobile consumers. To provide consumers with innovative and value added content is exactly the goal Mobile Weaver is pursuing. This objective can only be achieved by accepting the emergence of mobile content at the right time and responding to the increasingly changing demands of mobile consumers.

About the Author

Sarah Shaukat is a qualified software engineer, presently working with a software house based in Islamabad. She’s an experienced technical writer as well, and possesses in-depth knowledge of cellular industry specializing in the areas of mobile content and mobile application development.

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  • 3. Rashed Ali  |  March 25, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Interesting start up, there is some thing disruptive they need to do to scale the online growth. Well done on consistent growth and partnerships.

    Consider moving to San Francisco, your competitors are leaving a great area open.

  • 4. Guest  |  April 2, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Well, Mobile Weaver recently downsized firing their project manager (for and reducing number of developers to half. I have heard that their VC is threatening to stop their funding if they cant make things work in next few months.

  • 5. Mansha  |  April 2, 2008 at 3:10 pm

    YouPark is very unstable. Stops working often and response time is real slow.

  • 6. Umar  |  April 19, 2008 at 2:16 am

    Hi folks, I’m one of the founders of Youpark. I recently moved to Pakistan and fan of this blog and other activities you guys do to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

    for Guest:
    ‘We’ the founders jointly owe majority shares in the company and provide funding/management from business angels and ourselves. The company is not controlled or dependent on a VC, though for scaling the company does plan to raise a Series A round of xm $ if agreed by board of Directors.

    We have recently hired super LUMS & NUST alumni’s and are committed to expand our technical & business department at Pakistan subsidiary.

    As Entrepreneurs by heart we are also committed to help internet & mobile start ups in Pakistan. you can contact me on Skype: umarjamal or drop an email

    for Mansha:
    We have maintained 99.9% service availability for past 9 months.


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