Can we use art to bring some beauty into our lives?

June 23, 2008 at 9:53 am 1 comment

I was watching Ankahi the other day on Samaa Television – Faisal Qureshi focused on the Impact of Art (or rather the lack of it) on our society. He said that art and sculpture appeared to live in art galleries and museums or in private households and is not visible to the public. They are not exposed to it and cannot begin to learn to appreciate it or let it impact on their lives.

I often think as I drive through Karachi why we haven’t used our collective artistic talent to beautify our environment. Whether it is our roundabouts or other public places, art is rarely used. Why is that? In other countries art is everywhere – benches at airports, shopping malls, bus and train stations, major intersections across cities.

In Karachi, we have sponsors like Reliance  Paints and Zong taking up wall space along some major flyovers and what do they use the space for? Nothing. It is just their logos splashed all over. Come on guys! Can we be more creative? Yes get your mileage from the advertising dollar you are spending but make the flyover a pleasure to drive over. How? Simple. Have art students from Indus Valley School of Art and Karachi School of Art produce a creative project that will not only be colourful but will be food for the soul. They can still say something like “This mural is brought to you courtesy of XYZ company.” I am sure their customers will think more highly of them for having contributed to the beautification of the city.

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  • 1. عمار - aMmAr  |  June 25, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    Thats the most brilliant idea, we would love to see something like that. usually streets and roads depicts the culture of a particular city but unfortunately the city of Gul Jee and Sadaqein has nothing to offer.


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