A wedding in the IT community

July 10, 2008 at 11:09 am Leave a comment

You will rarely find me attending a wedding but this was one I could not say no to. When Ashraf Kapadia, Managing Director of Systems Ltd and Immediate Past President of P@SHA, comes over and personally invites you to his only son’s wedding, there is no way you can say no. Add to that the fact that his wife Honey is one of the sweetest people you’ve met and heir apparent Omar also happens to be a part of the IT community, it becomes imperative for one to be there.

Omar now works for IBM after having put in some time at Si3 and Sidat Hyder so there were naturally people there from all 3 companies. Of course the fact that Ashraf is a long-time IBMer having spent decades at Big Blue, had something to do with so many current and former IBMers being there.

I got a snapshot of the happy couple with my iPhone – which I love to show off at every opportunity – even when I am dressed in wedding gear and looking pretty (this according to Yusuf Jan of Mixit).

I also got a classic shot of my friend Jawwad Farid of Alchemy fame looking very different from his normal bermudas, t-shirt and flip-flop clad self. Do you recognize the man? Also in the photo are Zak, Amer Hashmi and Yusuf Jan.

The wedding arrangements were wonderful – every detail taken care of and the Kapadias glowing with happiness and pride. The food was delicious – Ashraf you have come a long way from the first lunch you hosted for the P@SHA CEC! 🙂 There was the normal Pakistani cuisine and there was a range of pasta, roast beef and gravey, roast chicken and some really unique salad variety, my favourite being the vermicelli. But the final touch was the delicious Apple strudel with cream and ice-cream. Absolutely to die for!

Congratulations Ashraf and Honey, Omar and Sanober and of course Rabia (Omar’s sister who lovingly made each wedding invitation herself). Thank you for including me in your celebration.

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Is this what we are resorting to for entertainment? Maybe I should have taken my laptop to this meeting!

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