When things fall so perfectly into place …

July 21, 2008 at 11:23 pm 3 comments

… the heart smiles and all is well with the world.

When you and your team have put your heart and soul into an activity, and everything falls into place on the day, you know that someone up there is watching over you and helping you each step of the way.

In its 4th year, the P@SHA Career Expo is of equal importance to P@SHA member companies and young people in the job market who are seeking to either launch their careers or change track. We had a blend of both at the event in Karachi yesterday,

When the turnout is what you expect and more ….

When the workshops are full to capacity throughout the day with not even standing room available

…..When Counsellors take out valuable quality time from their families on a Sunday, to help young people in the progression of their careers …

When the media come in droves to provide coverage …

When young people run Special Interest Group sessions …

When the Startup Insiders session is the largest it has ever been …

When some CEOs are overhead saying “we should have had a booth at this event …” and people of all ages come up to you and say “Thank you … this kind of activity is much needed”

When the feedback on blogs is as flattering as this:

Pasha’s Career Expo – A Good One!

Considering that Pasha kicked off the trend of Jobfairs a few years ago, the association has a knack for putting together the kind of event that clicks with their audience and today’s Career Expo was no exception. More than 20 companies participated in the Career Expo, which focused on job offerings to students of the related sectors and the delegates briefed attendees about their companies, job trends and future prospects. Among the exhibitors were P@SHA, PixSense, IBM, Avanza Solutions, Etilize, Intel Pakistan, BearingPoint, Online Corporation, TLS, TPS, Server4Sale, Alchemy, TRG, MIXIT and several others.

Jehan Ara, President of P@SHA and Jawwad Farid of Alchemy spoke to a large number of students and enlightened their visions by sorting out different strategies of careers, jobs, employment as well as managing a business plan. There were several other topics that were discussed and this entire event was very helpful for youngsters.

The exhibitors received raving response in the form of resumes while students were pleased to have attended such a promising expo. Many described this event a critical platform that fills the empty spaces between youth and the professional industries. After noticing the positive effects of the career counseling, the fact was highlighted once again that every college and university of Pakistan needs a career-counseling department. This Career Expo series will repeat in Lahore and Islamabad, which will definitely be beneficial for the Pakistan’s future.

The place was crowded with attendees and the exhibitors, which showed how successful this event, but you shouldn’t make the judgment on quantity, rather make it on the quality of the interaction – which was great! The exhibition section contained a large number of IT and HR exhibitors, providing the students with an easy platform, which led right into the proper jobs. Moreover, the career counselors dealt with hundreds of students solved their complications and guided them to their required and deserved careers.

It is only when all this happens that you know that perhaps to a small degree you have been successful in what you attempted to do. Now off to Pindi for the next P@SHA Career Expo.

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Loads of activities at P@SHA Career Expo 2008 in Karachi An exhilarating day

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  • 2. Fariha Akhtar  |  July 22, 2008 at 12:49 am

    It was an absolutely exciting and a pretty well-organized event… i was really impressed to see all ambassadors on their toes. The only thing that caused a little confusion was the clash of timings that occurred because of the sessions going in parallel but that too was a problem for crazy people like me who wanted to attend both the sessions at the same time 😛

    But overall…it was a great event. A big thanks to P@SHA and all those who dedicated their Sunday to guide and help young minds.

  • 3. Jehan  |  July 22, 2008 at 7:00 am

    Fariha, count me among the “crazy people” who wanted to be at both. There are loads of people to thank for making the event a success – team work can achieve such wonders.


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