I don’t mind a belated birthday gift …

December 8, 2008 at 8:22 am 3 comments

macbook13… Who would when  it turns out to be the new MacBook 13″! Yay! You think a somersault is in order? 🙂

My father was in hospital on my birthday so we were unable to have a celebration. I spent most of the day at the hospital with a book. My brother and father therefore decided to give me a belated birthday present. This beautiful 13″ MacBook!

Aesthetically it’s a piece of art – the unibody is moulded beautifully from one single piece of aluminum, light (not as light as the MacBook Air though), the LED backlit display is just awesome. I mean Apple displays have always been fabulous but this is something else! The brightness is totally amazing.

Of course the NVIDIA graphics processor will have to be tried out on some graphics heavy animation and games for me to really appreciate its power. The single piece glass trackpad is so smooooth. The MacBook comes with 2GB RAM but my brother has had it upgraded to 4GB so I really am well on my way. I feel sooooo spoilt.

But does the greed stop there? Naaaah. I just had to have the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse. Were these really necessary? Not when I am on the move but in the office, yes definitely. I am getting so fed up of all those cables and the laptop will sit on an elevated laptop stand – the iCurve – so that my back and neck doesn’t become stiff during the long hours of laptop usage. Excuses excuses you might say. Well yeah – any excuse to get an Apple accessory 🙂 I am in heaven!

For those who are eyeing my MacBook Air, DON’T! I still need it for my trips upcountry. I have got used to the sleekness and the light weight. Couldn’t carry anything heavier on a trip domestically or internationally. 🙂

Someone I  know recently said that women are attracted to anything that shines – like silk and diamonds, pearls and the like. Well this woman isn’t! I would rather have another Apple gadget anytime!

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