Should we be thinking of changing our lifestyle?

February 27, 2009 at 12:58 pm 6 comments

This is the question that Tech Lahore puts to us in his latest post. Should we be learning lessons from the shattering experiences that families in the US are going through due to years of consumerism and their crazy unaffordable urban lifestyles?

Aren’t those of us who live in the major cities in Pakistan mimicking the same lifestyle? Are we headed towards the same type of disaster (we may be closer to it than we imagine). Should we be doing something about it now before it is too late?

I know several friends in Lahore who have bought farm houses and are looking at moving out there to give their families a healthier lifestyle. Of course all of us can’t afford farmhouses but there could be other cheaper options. For those of us who make a living through the use of technology, this kind of move wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

Since I am getting closer to retirement :), I have thought many times about moving to an uninhabited island with books, music and my laptop (of course this could all be in the laptop but somehow I love the feel of a real book). The peace and quiet, the unhurried existence, going for walks whenever I liked, no security issues, no worries about what I was wearing or not wearing, no people dropping in unannounced, no traffic jams, no unrest, no pollution … maybe not a bad idea at all … you’ve got me thinking Tech Lahore ūüôā

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