Yusuf Jan speaks with ITLOW regarding Mixit Tech

March 2, 2009 at 7:08 am 4 comments

yusuf-at-itlow Mixit Technologies is a company that I have seen grow from its early days in Karachi. As Yusuf tells us in this interview, every line of code for the technology products that Mixit has produced, was written by the brilliant team that he has put together in the development center in Pakistan.

The perception sometimes is that we do only low-end work in Pakistan but if you have been watching the ITLOW episodes so far, you will have seen for yourself that the opposite is in fact true. Companies like Mixit, whose products run on the floor of NASDAQ and other stock exchanges and brokerage houses around the world, prove yet again that Pakistani companies may be smaller in size but there is a lot of cutting edge work being done here.

In this episode of In the Line of Wire, Yusuf Jan talks about how he and his team have managed to “create magic” at Mixit Technologies, how he has retained his core team not through any high and mighty HR philosophies but through simple respect for their work, treating his employees with fairness and providing them with a merit-based, flat environment. The lack of a bureaucratic structure enables communication to take place between all members of the team and the man who is the Founder and the inspiration for many of the kids who work for him.

Yusuf is a very straightforward individual so, if you ask him for his opinion, be ready to hear the truth. I have consulted him often and although admittedly some of his notions can be a bit weird, he is always creative, sincere, logical and clear headed. He is also great fun to be with. He has at least a dozen ideas floating around in his head at any given time and is one of those who truly believes in work-life balance.

Mixit Technologies is a company that continues to grow and flourish even in these difficult times. They have vacancies for bright young people today so do look them up and join a vibrant and successful team. The team interestingly enough is a mixed bag of professionals from Sir Syed University of Science & Technology, FAST, NED, Karachi University and other universities in Pakistan all working together in a harmonious, challenging and learning environment. No this is not an ad – but hey if there are opportunities that exist, don’t you expect me to tell you about them?

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  • Yusuf Jan speaks with ITLOW regarding Mixit Tech…

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  • 4. Saliq Saleeq  |  March 12, 2009 at 9:34 am

    I rated it very good chat, however 1 thing which i felt regarding the trainning procedure, as I Mr Jan says they are very experience and had have good exposure regarding Wall St, but what else we need here in Karachi to have well trained Financial technologicts?


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