Wishing you a blissful journey together

March 14, 2009 at 10:53 pm 2 comments

I have known Ragni Marea Kidvai since the day she was born and have followed her life’s journey with pride as she grew up into a lovely and intelligent young woman.

When I recently heard that she was engaged, I was surprised because, to me, she was still the little baby I had become so protective of. Not having met her fiance, I was also concerned. What kind of person was he? Did he understand her? Did he share the hopes and aspirations that she had? Would he be good to her? These and many other questions went through my mind. I did not express them to anyone but they continued to bother me until I met Julian.

Fortunately, he turned out to be a wonderful young man – very caring, sensitive and loving. He has a ready smile and loves my precious Ragni very much. I spent some time with him during his stay in Karachi and we chatted about all sorts of things (all the chats took place over a meal for some reason) 🙂

rags-and-julianThis is a picture I took of them while they were here for a few months (Ragni will kill me because it was taken early in the morning before she had a chance to even brush her hair). But I think it is such a lovely photo of them both.

On March 12th Rags married Julian in Austin, Texas. I was so pleased that her mother Nuzhat could be there with her. I wish Zak had been able to go as well. In fact, wouldn’t it have been nice if all of us who care so much about Rags could have been with her on this special day.

We couldn’t all go for many legitimate reasons, but we were certainly there in spirit, and technology allowed us all to be a part of it – seeing photos ‘before and after’.

She also sent a copy of the vows they took. I am sure that if I were there, hearing them taking these vows and watching them, would have brought me to tears. The vows, and photos, are shared on her father’s blog.

Be happy darling Rags. I hope that you and Julian will have a great life together. My prayers and good wishes are with you as you embark on life’s journey together.

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