D’Cards is way up there amongst the Social Networking apps on the App Store

May 13, 2009 at 11:12 am 3 comments

d'cardsWhen Khurram Samad, CEO of GeniTeam, emailed me to say that they had developed a Greeting card application for the iPhone and Android, I was delighted. I have been missing Apple’s icards like crazy and anything that gives me an opportunity to send cards from my Mac or iPhone is worth exploring.

And when Khurram told me that the application is already Number 32 amongst the top paid Social Networking applications on the App Store, I was even more excited.

It is called D’Cards (pronounced The Cards) and allows you to send personalized greeting cards containing voice messages to family and friends. Cards that are sent can be viewed on the web, on the iPhone, Android and Storm.

dcards2dcards3There are a variety of cards available for different occasions and from different artists. It is only for 99 cents so why not download it and try it? Khurram sent me a promo code so I could try it for free but I decided that if I don’t pay for it, then how can I claim to be doing my bit to support the Pakistan IT industry? 🙂 So I downloaded it from the App store.

dcards4I think the GeniApps team is a little surprised at the burgeoning success of this basic idea. Where more “killer ideas” struggled, this one seems to be taking off and will probably bring in long term revenues as they add on more cards into the upgraded versions.

A little bird tells me that there is a very exciting new app that the team is working on that is more or less complete. They only need to fine-tune it a bit in accordance with feedback from Apple before it’s launched.

This is really becoming an exciting space that is providing opportunities for young companies from Pakistan. Personally I am watching it with a great deal of interest.

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  • D’Cards is way up there amongst the Social Networking apps on the App Store…

  • 2. Khurram  |  May 13, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Thanks for reviewing and paying for the application, though i wanted you to save it for the next killer application 🙂
    You rightly summerized, we never expected this application to take off. However, this made us realize that you dont really need a killer application to do well. This has some good tips for fresh graduates, who wish to try their luck with Web2.0 and social applications. Hence, a well executed simple idea can help you start a career as an enterprenuer. I hope this will be helpful for young graduates , inspired by Imran Zia’s course at FAST, to try out their luck at App Store.
    Thanks again for the encouragement ! D’Cards is already available on Android as well.

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