Dr. Arshad Ali – DG of SEECS – tells ITLoW about his initiatives

May 23, 2009 at 3:39 am 9 comments

dr arshad aliIf you have met Dr. Arshad Ali, Director General of the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (SEECS), NUST, you could not have failed to be impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and total sense of commitment that this man exudes.

He is a self-made man who got his early education in a village. He says he understands the value of a good education and he is committed to ensuring that the kids who apply for admission to SEECS are not shortchanged.

In addition to the learning that is provided at SEECS through a versatile curriculum, Dr. Arshad Ali creates opportunities for these young people to interact and work with universities and professionals in the industry in Pakistan and abroad. Some are involved in academic research, others work on providing industry research or creating working prototypes. This results in a lot of real-life learning that would otherwise not take place.

No industry professional has yet been able to turn down a request from Dr. Arshad Ali. I know that when he picks up the phone and1 asks me to do something, there is no way I can refuse. Such is the power of the man :). The Corporate Advisory Council that he has set up is impressive and effective. Meetings are held twice a year at which he provides an update on the progress that SEECS has made and the projects that have been completed. He delivers on anything he commits to and expects the same from industry professionals who work with him.

In my interview with him during my last visit to Islamabad, Dr. Arshad Ali talks about his early life and work and tells us about how he ended up at NUST. Dr. Arshad Ali also talks about the Corporate Advisory Council and its early days, and some of the things that SEECS and the kids in his care have achieved over the past few years.

SEECS has now moved into the H-12 campus in Islamabad which is on 700 acres of land and is going to house not only all the NUST colleges but also a variety of other very interesting things including a Science Park.

Disclaimer: Please ignore my squeaky voice in the intro – I had been suffering from a sore throat, fever and congestion but just had to do the intros so that the shows could go up on the CIO WebStudio.

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  • Dr. Arshad Ali – DG of SEECS – tells ITLoW about his initiatives…

  • 2. Qasim Ali Khawaja  |  May 23, 2009 at 7:09 am

    Very right about Dr Arshad Ali,
    he is the man with perfect abilities of leadership with a vision and determination. He is very open minded, welcome and encourage every new initiative launched my either students or faculty. The quality i like the most is; he can read you mind, your passion for work when u visited him any time.
    I’m proud of being enrolled, enriched and educated in SEECS and under his supervision. He is a source of motivation for me 🙂
    May you live long Sir! I’m pretty sure about the fact that we can turn that h-12 to be the next silicon valley (Dreaming…)

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  • 4. arshadali1956  |  May 24, 2009 at 8:33 pm

    Dear Jehan Ara,

    I am extremely humbled by your kind words. All accomplishments had been possible through the blessings of All, Hard work of faculty and most importantly the hard working students I got the opportunity to work with. I am sure our young generation has immense amount of po0tential, we can turn the tides for our country and make the real difference in the society we live in.

    Looking forward for continuous support from industry as well as our brilliant students.

  • 5. Zafar Gilani  |  May 24, 2009 at 11:22 pm

    I will agree to what Jehan Ara and Qasim Ali had to say about Dr. Arshad Ali and would like to add a few things. He is not only about technology and innovation, but something else that others at his position lack in Pakistan. You see with great power comes great responsibility. He is striving to create a culture at SEECS (and hopefully at NUST) where authorities start listening to (serious) students seriously. Since young minds have young ideas and futuristic approach, this undertaking can directly impact our country in a positive way. Our generation (students) has seen a lot of bad happen to this country and there is a desperation beyond belief to get out of it.

  • 6. Fawad  |  May 25, 2009 at 4:07 am

    Indeed thats true about him. He is a true “winner” i have ever met in my life.

    He was my mentor, teacher, supervisor and above all my inspiration.

  • 7. Tahir Rauf  |  May 27, 2009 at 2:14 am

    Asalam u alaikum,

    I am relatively new student in SEECS but i have heard a lot about Mr.Arshad ALI. I also see the interview and one thing is again and again knock my mind

    ” IF I made a commitment then nothing can stop me to fulfill it except death.”

    That’s exactly what i am expecting from such a great person. i wish that i also have such characteristic. I want to do software business and I feel that i am in need of exactly above passion.

    Well Done my DG.

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  • […] Arshad Ali – EECS – Post, […]


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