Bright colours from the moment you land

June 2, 2009 at 6:26 am 4 comments

CIMG2376the colourful cabs To my mind, cabs have usually been unsightly dull automobiles for hire, not contributing to the beauty of any city.

Can you imagine my delight, therefore, when I saw a bright pink cab in Bangkok as I was heading from the airport to the hotel. I thought “Wow they have pink cabs here”. Then I saw a turquoise one, a yellow one, an orange one, a parrot green one, a purple one – they just kept coming in every bright colour I could think of.

And just when I thought I had seen them in all possible varieties, there came the dual coloured ones – in yellow/green, pink/turquoise, etc. They added so much colour to the highway and I must admit that seeing them lined up outside as one ventures out of the airport for the first time, makes one smile. Maybe that is what it is meant to achieve. Or do you think they are colour-coded for different zones? I don’t think so. I saw them all over the place so that couldn’t be it.

If anyone has the story behind the Thai multicoloured cabs, I would love to know the who, how and why behind these delightful contraptions.

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