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August 24, 2009 at 9:58 am 2 comments

ITLOW-Irfan_and_ZakaWhen Umair Mohsin first handed me his visiting card, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. It was a huge card which said “Tuesday 03 March” on one side and on the other side there was a cute anime character which was meant to be Umair I assume, and the contact information.

On enquiring I was told that the name of the company was “Tuesday” and 03 March was the incorporation date. Why did they name the company “Tuesday”. For the answer, you will have to watch this episode of ITLoW.

What does this company do? Well it is difficult to describe. They are a combination of many things – Creativity, Strategy,the tuesday team Technology, Interactivity, Online Services, etc. Their website has some of this information. The team is interesting to say the least.

I had three of them in the studio – Irfan Kheiri – Chief Technologist & R&D Lead, Zakaullah Khan – Content Head & Scriptwriter and Umair Mohsin – Business Development Head/Strategist. Their designations tell you nothing because they have multi-faceted talents and hence most of them poke their noses into every activity that the company is involved in. Being a small team, multi-tasking is a must in any case. They are a real bunch of characters and I had a lot of fun talking with them.

Umair and Zaka are both IBA graduates whereas Irfan is actually a Computer Science graduate from FAST. He teaches animation and special effects at SZABIST. Listening to their stories highlighted some of the issues that young people face during their early years. Irfan, for instance, was always interested in drawing but he did not realize that he could have studied graphics and animation and pursued a career.

Animation & Gaming is still not considered a good career option for several reasons. The HEC needs to recognize that this is a great field of study and that a University needs to be set up to focus on the development of talent for the Animation and Games Industry. Once that happens the industry around it in Pakistan which is limited, will grow because there is a lot of business globally that they can target. Of course the promotion of this segment of the industry will also become imperative.

Some of the marketing ideas that “Tuesday” is starting to implement are exciting and will be able to attract eyeballs that Umair_and_Zaka_on_ITLoWtraditional forms of media are not able to deliver on. But if the company is going to scale they will need to change the mindset of marketeers who are used to doing things in a certain way. They will also need to be able to scale up – that is when they will face problems in finding the right kind of people to join their team.

As a country we have a lot of creative talent that is not being tapped, that is not being nurtured and trained. These people will add value not only to the gaming and animation industry but to the media and entertainment industry, to the advertising industry and to many other sectors. Should we really continue to neglect such an important sector?

Watching this episode of ITLoW will possibly open up the minds of some to the possibilities and opportunities that are out there. Some things have started  happening already because people like Zaka, Irfan, Umair and their Chief Strategist Salman Abedin have decided to ignore the challenges and march ahead. However, if we want to see much more happening in this space, we need to do something about it – and we need to do it now.

Although Salman Abedin, the Chief Strategist of Tuesday,  was unable to make it to the show, I managed to capture his talk on Connecting Brand with Online Content.

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