Brilliance shines at the BAP event

November 15, 2009 at 12:28 pm 1 comment

What we had really gone to the MITEFP BAP competition for was to support the companies that had spent 6 months working on their Business Acceleration Plan. It is a long hard road rethinking every detail of how you have conducted a successful business thus far, tearing up that strategy, and then working with local and foreign mentors to learn how to accelerate that growth through a new approach.

I had met these companies before, seen their presentations before and could clearly see that they had put in a lot of time to rework their presentations.

I was especially proud of Ali from Ikonami (yes I know how to pronounce the name of the company – I-kah-naa-me) who had been thrown in the deep end at the last minute because Babar Khan, the country manager, had to whizz to a family emergency.

Ali of Ikonami

This company won a £1.5 million contract from the National Health Service UK for a 5 year term to develop a technical HR framework for the 600 hospitals that are part of the network. The contract was renewed for another 3 years for £1.6 million. They saw an opportunity and developed a performance appraisal and a venue management system application that could be sold to the hospitals in the network in addition to the work they are already doing for the NHS. That opportunity paid off and they have already sold one of those products to about 70 hospitals within the NHS leaving a large number still to tap.

Understanding the customer and his needs and providing an answer to that need before the question has even formed in his own mind, is the reason for the success of both the products that were born out of the interaction with the hospitals while implemented the NHS contract.

Ali presented the case so clearly, with such confidence and so coincisely that one could definitely see that he shared the vision for the continued growth of his organization. It is a simple story and he presented it without getting us caught up in technical or domain-specific jargon. He also answered the questions the judges posed to him without batting an eyelid. Well done young man! Kubair and Babar should be very proud of you.

Hasnain of AerocarHasnain from Aerocar has a successful company that is in a totally different space. He has used his air force engineering know-how and developed kiosks that are rugged, don’t require airconditioning, offer dust protection, are cheaper than anything the competition can ever come up with and run custom-made open source software that makes the entire solution much more affordable especially for banks that are wanting to put these kiosks up in remote areas where heat and dust are a problem.

tough judges

Although his presentation was extremely succinct and showed the strength of the business, the actual competitive value he had created came out when the judges threw some really tough questions at him. He was obviously able to convince the most cynical of judges and was declared the winner of this year’s BAP competition. Well done Hasnain!

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  • 1. Desibacktodesh  |  November 15, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    Who are these two good looking bald guys in this picture. 🙂


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