Speaking up about Cybercrimes & VAW

December 6, 2009 at 2:08 am 3 comments

When I was asked to be the keynote speaker at the Press Conference that Aurat Foundation was organizing in Islamabad on the topic “Cybercrimes and Violence against Women” on December 4, I must admit I was overwhelmed.

These women had spent decades researching, advocating and working for the cause of Violence against Women. They had taken on successive governments, had put together policy documents, had protested on the streets, had gone through courts and had been there to physically support women affected by violence.

I was a newbie to the task. I understood cybercrimes very well, I also knew of the harrassment and psychological impact of such crimes and had been advocating against the enactment of the Prevention of E-Crime Ordinance in its current form but sitting amongst these women who had actually been part of the VAW movement for years, made me wonder if I deserved the honour they had bestowed upon me by asking me to play such a key role at this conference.

I knew that I could not let them down, that I would have to do my best to live up to their expectations and ensure that this press conference had the impact that it needed.

Below are two videos of interviews that Dawn News and Samaa TV conducted. My partner in crime, Shahzad Ahmed of BytesforAll, volunteered to use my flip camera to ensure that he caught both interviews on tape. Thanks Shahzad. That is the least you could have done after standing me up earlier in the day ;). The other talks have also been taped and I will put them up tomorrow.

The first interview is in Urdu with the reporter from Samaa TV:

The second interview was conducted by Faisal Khan of Dawn News, Islamabad:

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