Jawwad Ahmed Farid wows the HR community

January 24, 2010 at 11:41 am Leave a comment

When Azfar Ahsan of Nutshell Forum asked P@SHA to support the Talent Management Conference that he was organizing, we were happy to support the initiative. He is able to bring together Human Resource specialists from a variety of organisations to discuss issues related to the development of people who work within these organisations. They get together to share ideas, exchange best practices and develop strategies.

For the last few years, Azfar has been inviting speakers from the IT industry too because as IT companies have grown, they have started focusing more and more on capacity building, on training and on retention of talent. This year Azfar had included on his panel Al-Karim Hassan, who heads the Global HR development for Etilize, and Badar Khushnood of Google.

When he asked me to identify a dynamic speaker from within our industry, I suggested Jawwad Ahmed Farid who, in my opinion, is an amazing speaker. And after his performance yesterday, I think there are many people in the Human Resource community who will agree with me. I capture the presentation on my flip for those who couldn’t be there.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=3143472&dest=-1]

Some of the people spotted at the Talent Management Conference included Shireen Naqvi from the School of Leadership, Ghalia Naseer from TRG and Hina Mehboob from PixSense. Others from the tech community included Humayun Bashir, Country Manager of IBM Pakistan. Some of the discussions did indeed provide food for thought.

I had to leave early because there was another conference that I had to go to so unfortunately I missed Badar and Al-Karim’s presentations. However, knowing them I am sure they were great.

Jawwad’s presentation showed that the individuals who work in the IT sector are bright individuals who want to make a difference, who dare to dream and who are different from the average Joe or Jill.

Jawwad has kindly shared a copy of his presentation.

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