P@SHA & B4A Call for applications for TBTT Small Grants – only for Pakistan-based organizations

August 18, 2010 at 8:22 am 2 comments

Call for applications: Small grants (size of grant could be anywhere from US$1,000 – US$5,000)

As part of our work in Pakistan, the APC WNSP through P@SHA and Bytes for All are calling for proposals for projects that seek to address the intersection between violence against women and girls, and/or to stop violence against women and girls through the strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

What kind of proposals will be considered for the small grant?

  • development of tools and platforms that will facilitate women and girls’ access, use and development of ICTs, with a particular focus on secure online communications
  • implementation of strategies that strengthen women’s participation in ICT policy processes
  • projects that promote the strategic use of ICT tools in projects and programmes that address violence against women
  • projects that improve sexual assault survivors access to ICTs to assist in access to information and resources
  • projects that use ICTs to support the collection of data and statistics
  • research projects that contribute to knowledge about the interconnections of violence against women and  ICTs
  • Building the ICT capacities of providers of services to sexual violence survivors
  • empowerment and self-healing methodologies through strategic use of ICTs for women and adolescent girl survivors of violence
  • capacity-building workshops that aim to build the skills of women and girls in the strategic use of ICTs to end violence against women and girls
  • advocacy campaigns to lobby for policy changes that increase access to information and communication resources and expand communication rights for women and girls
  • awareness raising campaigns to build common knowledge, establish and amplify context-specific discourses on the issue of violence against women and girls and ICTs

Here are some examples of proposals that would be considered:

  • Training for volunteers and staff at counseling and women’s support centres in how to use a secure online database to collect data about survivors of violence who seek counseling and support
  • Mapping projects related to the collection of statistics about the incidences of violence against women, where they occur, and what forms of support are available
  • Creating online support networks for example for survivors of violence, etc

Please note that proposals that aim to only buy equipment and hardware cannot be supported. A reasonable portion of the budget can be set aside for equipment but we need to see how people will benefit.

Who is eligible to apply for a small grant?
Proposals will be accepted from any organisation, network, group or collective operating from a not-for-profit framework. Individual developers or techies with proposals for tools and platforms must have a relationship with an organisation / network with whom they will work, or who will benefit from and the proposal should demonstrate this.

What are the criteria for selection?

  • Innovativeness
  • Clearly outlines and addresses useful preventing violence against women initiatives
  • ICT-enabled
  • Projects that directly engage with the concerns of marginalised women and girls and contribute to securing their safety and strengthening their agency
  • Activity contributes to the priority issues identified during the National Strategy Workshop:
    Awareness regarding privacy & security issues online & how to handle them
    Monitoring & tracking of VAW
    Training of women activists
  • Activity/project could be replicated
  • Proposal clearly states objectives, includes a methodology/implementation strategy, identifies outputs, partners/stakeholders and includes a time line and budget
  • Realistic within budgetary and time constraints
  • Use of Free and Open Source (FOSS) applications is greatly encouraged
  • Candidates must be available for capacity building workshop to be held during the implementation phase of the  project

How to apply for a small grant
Your proposal should be a maximum of 6 pages including budget and include the following sections:

  • Description of the problem or issue the proposal will respond to
  • Description of the activity including objectives
  • Duration of the activity
  • Who are the beneficiaries?
  • How does the activity relate to the project’s overall objectives in Pakistan
  • Capacity to implement
  • Budget

Application process:

Email to: grants@takebackthetech.pk

Apply by: September 10, 2010

Results out by: September 24, 2010

Reporting requirements
Successful grantees will be required to submit narrative and financial report to illustrate how funds have been spent

The detailed TBTT Small Grants Flyer can be downloaded here:
TBTT Small Grants Flyer

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