Superstars for Flood relief

January 16, 2011 at 11:07 pm 2 comments

One of the core problems with the Flood Relief efforts in Pakistan has been that the international community remains unaware of the magnitude of destruction that has occurred and the sheer amount of assistance that continues to be required by survivors. The media internationally has not adequately focused on the extent of the devastation. I will not get into the whys and whereofs. Nor will I indulge in any conspiracy theories. Perhaps it is just disaster fatigue.

There are several ways to approach a situation like this. Either you whine and complain about how the world has let us down, have drawing room conversations about what the government or someone else hasn’t done, or you just jump in and find some way to help. Fortunately many people did just that. From NGOs, student groups, doctors, professionals and individuals to large national and multinational organizations, many picked themselves up and either donated, raised funds or actually went into the affected areas with food, medicine and shelter.

Enter Rahim Lalani! Rahim decided that outreach was the core problem – that there had to be a “different” way of getting the message out. “We felt that we needed to bring the world’s attention and care to the Flood victims; to appeal to people from all over the world; to move them and inspire them to action”, said Rahim. And what better way to do that than to have an appeal made by someone they know and love? This is how the idea for Superstars for Flood Relief was born.

Rahim and his team at TRG Tech turned to Superstars – Superstars who could dedicate musical hits and share inspirational messages in the name of the Floods, Superstars who people considered their own, appealing to them in a voice that they recognised, evoking emotion for the plight of the affectees.

“While one disaster has already occurred, we are trying to prevent a second disaster of suffering, chronic diseases, malnutrition and poverty” says Rahim.

The Superstars “for Flood Relief” are:

  • Releasing, covering and dedicating one or more of their music hits in the name of the Flood
  • Requesting their fans across the world to buy the music hit from iTunes
  • Requesting their fans across Asia to buy the music hit from their mobile phone as a song, caller tune or ringtone
  • Recording inspirational video messages
  • Requesting their fans to make a donation to their chosen charity/organisation
  • Donating all proceeds to their chosen charity/organisation

Among the Superstars who have committed to the cause so far are the legendary Abida Parveen, Haroon, Hadiqa Kiyani and the Aunty Disco Project. More are on cue to join as are some up and coming stars. An idea that was born out of a passion to help the flood survivors, seems to be right on track and is helping to raise funds for people who need it. Well done guys!

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