I don’t forward Violence & neither should you

March 2, 2011 at 12:06 am 2 comments

When I first read this statement, I didn’t understand what it really meant. What does “not forwarding violence” mean? Why would I condone violence, let alone spread it? But as I read this message on the Take Back the Tech website, it began to sink in

How many times have you received a forwarded message that contains photographs or a video of someone being violated or humiliated? What do you do with it?

Many of us do not stop and think about the potential long-term impact of our action when we record, share and pass on information using ICT.  In each act of viewing and forwarding, we continue and replicate the violence.  With this pledge, we encourage you to stop and think. You have the power to stop the spread. Take a stand. Don’t forward.

  • I am firmly against violence against women.
  • I will NOT forward any form of message, video or photograph of someone being violated or humiliated.
  • I will NOT forward any form of message, video or photograph that violates another person’s right to privacy.
  • I WILL NOT forward violence.

Isn’t it strange how many of us naively spread the message and visuals of violence without realizing it? In fact we probably think we are advocating against violence by sharing these visuals. With the currently available communication tools which are so easy to use and with the emergence of Social Media, it is as easy as pressing a key. We click without thinking, we forward without realizing the harm we are causing, we share everything from photos to videos to comments to real names and locations without an inkling of what we are doing, without considering that by doing so we are in fact perpetrating the act of violence to a much broader degree, thus harming the very people we want to help.

So from now on let us think before we forward anything. Let us assess what kind of impact our action will have. Let us ‘not forward violence.’


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The Social Media Revolution 2.0 Little consideration given to the importance of Privacy of individuals

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