So much to be thankful for …

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The day started off well – an hour of focused work at the office before heading out to meet a startup entrepreneur for breakfast at The Pantry on Zamzama. Delicious Norwegian Eggs Benedict, strong coffee and a really interesting conversation ended with a photo to document our ‘date’ ;).

Got back to the office to carry on with work. A little while later Faisal Kapadia dropped in for a chat regarding the enhancement of the social media campaign for P@SHA and The Nest. I listened to him interact with my team as I continued to go through, and compile the results, for the P@SHA ICT Awards. FK’s advice is always useful and leads to a lot of brainstorming followed up with action so I was delighted that he had taken the time to drop in. He then went on to teach some of the startups from the new batch content planning for social media. I could see them through the glass door of The Media Lab hanging on his every word.

Something happened later in the evening that led me to feel hurt and demotivated. I guess I was tired – and feeling at my most vulnerable – and something someone wrote, which I felt was totally unfair and unjustified, made me burst into tears and feel really down in the dumps. It happens to the best of us I suppose.

From the moment I posted how I felt as a status message on Facebook – yes I am one of those people who do such things – don’t judge me! ;), my community started to come alive boosting me with cheerful messages, some even offering to “fix” the person who had caused me to be sad. Hey no violence please! 

Messages included:

“Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.”

“Haters gonna hate😎, it just means you’re doing it right!”

“That’s not the Jehan Ara we all know and love !!”

“Ignore them and eat ice cream instead”

“Demotivate you?? hamaara to phir Allah hee haafiz hai…”

There were phone calls from friends and colleagues in various cities reminding me of instances when they had been going through rough times and I had drawn them out of it with a cheerful word or smile. “Come on Jehan,” one of them said “You’re our cheerleader. Don’t let them get to you!”

The cherry on the cake was an invitation to “not be alone”, leave work and join a couple of friends for home-made pizza and banana milkshake, chocolates and fruit (an offer too good to refuse). The food, the caring, the heart-to-heart chat all helped immensely.

How in heaven’s name is one supposed to wallow in depression amidst all of this? Thanks everyone for showing me that I have so much in life to be grateful for and that no matter what one does, or how well-intentioned one may be, there is always the odd person who is perhaps so miserable in his own life, that he needs to bring everyone else down with him. All we can really do is pray for their well being and offer them our love and understanding.

This isn’t the first or last time that I will feel depressed – it’s part of life – but knowing that the world consists of people who genuinely care about putting the smile back on my face and the cheer back in my heart, makes me feel like one the luckiest people in the world. God bless you and bring tremendous joy into your lives and the lives of your families. You know you will always find me in your corner.


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