When a fintech app became a lifesaver

January 22, 2022 at 11:11 am Leave a comment

When you are at a wedding waiting for the other guests to arrive, there is little to do but chit-chat with the people who are at your table, take pictures of the bride and groom and of course take selfies to document your presence at the wedding. What else? Well, if you are sitting next to Omar Qureshi of SadaPay and Nestling Arhum Ishtiaq co-founder of Connect Hear who waited two years to get onto the SadaPay beta users list, and is raving about how great the service is, you may very well be tempted to get yourself a virtual Sadapay debit card.

I have always loved the SadaPay colours and their social media posts, and their leadership comprising of Brandon Timinsky and Omer Salimullah have always impressed me with their knowledge of the payment space. But to be honest I wasn’t really thinking of getting yet another card. I didn’t think i needed one. I had my HBL and SCB credit cards, my online banking facilities and cash.

But as Omar and Arhum (partners in crime) started to show me the features I was drawn into the app. Being a tech enthusiast anyway, I started to see how great the User Experience was and how easy it was to use. You didn’t really need a physical card even though they provided it. The virtual card was sufficient to load, send and withdraw funds without any fee being charged. There is no number on the card so there is no security risk. The number (your Mastercard debit card number) is only visible through your app through biometrics or visual face ID. As you have no doubt figured out, the temptation was too much to resist. And because I had Omar sitting next to me, the onboarding took only 5 minutes and I was good to go.

Little did I know that in the week that followed the Sadapay App would become a lifesaver. I lost my wallet and with it my credit cards. Multiple services I use require a credit/debit card and I had temporarily lost access to the cards. Oh but wait! I had access to a new facility. The Sadapay Mastercard debit card came to the rescue and I was able to sort out all my payments without a hitch while I worked towards getting replacements for the cards I had lost. Thank you Sadapay. Thank you Omar. Thank you Arhum.

I will continue to use the Sadapay app because it is so easy to use especially for small payments. I love it when innovation works.

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