Remembering a man who was our anchor

January 5, 2020 at 4:55 pm Leave a comment

This morning after waking up I went to his room, sat on his chair and thought about the many happy times we had spent together with him. Throughout our lives Abbaji  had been a pillar of strength for all of us. He was the one who taught us the importance of time, of discipline, of integrity, of friends and of community. If anyone needed anything, he got it done before they had the chance to ask again. He was a connector, always on the move.

He would have been 94 years old today and, in accordance with tradition, we would have cut a cake, given him presents and cards. My siblings would have called from all over the world to wish him happy birthday. In his own typical style he would have said “You shouldn’t have bought me these things. I have so much already” although you could tell how happy he was that we made such a fuss over him.

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My father was a very hardworking man. He was at work even before the office cleaners got there. He built his career from the ground up and was well-respected in banking circles in Hong Kong, the UAE and Pakistan. We were all very proud of him. Even today I run into people all the time who speak of the contribution he made to their lives, to their growth, to where they are today.

Happy birthday Abbaji. You have left behind so many memories. I hope that throughout our lives we continue to do justice to that memory.


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